Leadership Team

Software lacking consistency may function properly, but grow increasing difficult to read with each release. This risk becomes more evident in time-boxed delivery scenarios (with iterations, releases, etc.) if the focus on delivering incremental business value trumps reflection on loosely-coupled application architecture and cohesive patterned design.
Marvin Toll CTO – Marvin Toll
Marvin is President  at GTC and founder of PED.  He has engineered software and provided technical leadership for three decades primarily within the context of successful large enterprises.
Rick Minto Technical Communications Director – Dr. Rick Minto
Rick is President of Effective Thinking and a Knowledge Management Specialist.  He demonstrates the strategic perspective, analytic insight, and practical competencies necessary to identify and plug knowledge gaps.
Shanikia Little User Interface Director – Shanikia Little
Shanikia is the owner of SOS Web Development.  She enthusiastically pursues user-centered Responsive Web Design while promoting mature client-centric architecture.