Application Tier Class

When promoting a Unified Pattern Language organize patterns into  collections.

This minimal collection documents Java server-side class patterns gleaned during a decade of hands-on experience within a company containing hundreds of Java production applications.  

Code authors enhancing global pattern readability (source scanning) can use a class name suffix. Although classes are named using a variety of languages (including English); a consistent pattern suffix enhances architectural and design clarity for the reader.

public class MyCarefullyNamedIC extends OurBaseIC {

Application Tier Class Collection

Layer-Specific Patterns (4)

Unrestricted Patterns (6)

Inbound/Outbound Layer  
I/O Controller (IC)  Exception (Exception)
Business Layer  Helper (Helper)
Business Facade (BF)  Parameter Object (PO)
Integration Layer  Test Rule (Rule)
Resource Manager (RM)  Test with JUnit (Test)
Shareable Layer  Transfer Object (TO)
Domain Entity (DE)